Rowdy Gal aka Momma Hen (rowdykowgirl) wrote in january_2005,
Rowdy Gal aka Momma Hen

He's here!!!

Well, it's sure been awhile since I've been able to update, with the computer crashing, the holidays and then being put on bedrest followed by the birth of my munchkin :).

I'll make it short for now -

1.04.2005 - 3.00pm admitted to OMHS LDRP by OB for PIH
1.04.2005 - 10.00pm started PIT
1.05.2005 - 10.30am OB broke my water b/c PIT wasn't doing a thing...
- 11.15am Given epidural (BAD back labor the ENTIRE time...)
- 1.36pm Started pushing (had to wait 1/2 way through for OB to arrive)
- 2.13pm Levi Ray Stone arrived - weighing in at 7lbs9oz and 19 1/4"

With a minor episiotomy and some help from the suction cup thingy - he came out w/no trouble :).
He's so precious...I'll have pictures up soon...he's sleeping right now and has been such a doll. He was born at 37w5d.

Hope all yall are doing well, had good holidays and Congratulations for those who had their babies and good luck to those still waiting the arrival of their angels!!!

*Katie and Levi*
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